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Livingform means "life style". The spirit of our furniture springs from the deep reverence our designers feel for all of Nature. Our designers strive to learn from Nature, to bring natural form to our furniture, blending all things together, bringing you closer to Nature.

Livingform Product

An homeage to the classics & feel revitalized

Quality Art, Contemporary Styling

Life is constantly moving, sunlight, water, and stars recur in annual rings, and everything travels long distances in search of habitats. Wooden texture, quiet and tolerant, delicate leather, moist and soothing, we firmly believe that each of our works are like beaten notes in telling the story about her, but you also heard your voice. The flowers blossomed, the clouds and the clouds were so smooth that everything was one and I was trying to get close to nature's rhythm. Livingform comes from nature, and is embellished with artistic meanings to explain the inner life of the four seasons in the years cycle, so that each work is more connotation, low-key, clean and romantic. Born to love, created for quality. Livingform is not only furniture, but also a "lifestyle."


Living Form aims to enhance the quality of life and promote the quality of life in the world. We are looking forward to having our peers who have a noble pursuit of beauty and lifestyle join us. We have needs in core positions such as design, product, aesthetics, production, marketing, etc. If you have any intention, please tell Livingform about your work and experience through the mail box. We are looking forward to work with you.

Address:A109-113, Xingye Wanjia third floor, Xintang village, Houjie Town, Dongguan, Guangdong